With the increasing use of high-speed sewing machines with the times


With the increasing use of high-speed sewing machines w […]

With the increasing use of high-speed sewing machines with the times, the application range of the core sewing thread has been expanding. But what are the benefits of the core sewing thread for high-speed sewing machines? Moreover, they all said that the production technology of the core sewing thread of Jiangsu Qinghong Line Industry keeps pace with the development of the times, and the core-spun sewing thread produced can fully meet the requirements of the style of fabrics and other technical fields. The benefits described here are as follows:

The core sewing thread is mainly used in high-speed sewing. Due to the friction between the needle and the fabric, the temperature of the needle will rise sharply. Especially when the speed is above 5000/min, the needle will exceed 300 degrees, and the high-strength polyester filament The melting point is 255 degrees to 260 degrees, so the polyester filament yarn is easily melted. The use of the core sewing thread can avoid the above problem, because the core sewing thread is made of filament as the core, and is covered with cotton-type polyester staple fiber or high-quality long-staple cotton. Therefore, the polyester filament does not directly contact the needle eye, and the surface fiber can quickly dissipate heat. The core sewing thread has the high strength of the polyester filament sewing thread, and has the natural hairiness and feel of the polyester staple fiber sewing thread or cotton thread, which is very suitable for high-speed sewing. Cotton bales are mainly used for upholstered furniture, automotive industry, light fabrics and decorative sewing of leather and denim. Polyester polyester is mainly used in shoe materials, tablecloths, bedding, as well as high-quality products such as sportswear, coats and security garments.

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