What problems should be paid attention to when using the winding machine


Winding is cone winding machine a key process in the pr […]

Winding is cone winding machine a key process in the production and processing process of the winding machine. Except for automatic winding machines and other equipment, most of the production processes are to separate the winding and embedding. The winding link must ensure the shape and turn of the coil. The number and other parameters meet the requirements. On the other hand, it is necessary to ensure that the electromagnetic wire is not damaged during the coil winding process. In the process of electromagnetic wire production and processing, the winding method and arrangement result of the wire have a great influence on the later use. If the arrangement is scattered or part of the electromagnetic wire penetrates the spool, it will cause uneven electromagnetic wire transportation during the coil winding process which will affect.

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The forming effect of the coil may cause damage to the electromagnetic wire in severe cases. In order to prevent the occurrence of similar problems, motor manufacturers should combine their respective winding processes to reach a consensus with the magnet wire supplier, and control the weight of the single shaft, the coordination of the spool and the winding machine, and the arrangement of the magnet wire to ensure production The output meets the requirements of use. On the basis of self-reliance, China has established the production capacity of basic varieties of electromagnetic wires, has the infrastructure and professional talents to develop new varieties, which created the necessary conditions for the development from the late.


Enterprises in the magnet wire industry have gradually introduced a complete set of technologies and equipment for the production of magnet wires from advanced industrial countries, from raw and auxiliary materials, conductor cores, insulating materials, etc., production equipment drawing machines, enamelled machines and winding machines to finished product testing equipment, magnet wires The production capacity and technical level have gradually entered the world’s advanced ranks. With the rapid development of the domestic power industry, home appliance industry, electronic information, and communication industries, magnet wire manufacturers have rapidly expanded their production scale in recent years.


Old companies have been eliminated and new A new electromagnetic wire pattern has basically formed in China. A number of large-scale and strong technical companies have emerged in the industry, and have gradually grown into the industry’s leader in winding machines. Although China’s winding machine industry It started late, but the market space is large and the labor cost is low, so that magnet wire manufacturers have achieved rapid development. At this stage, Chinese magnet wire manufacturers have achieved technological breakthroughs through the introduction of advanced equipment and technology and independent research and development. It has narrowed the technological gap with advanced industrial countries, and the technological process of some products has reached the international advanced level.

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