What kind of machine can meet high-speed cutting


High speed winding machine cutting refers to cutting at […]

High speed winding machine cutting refers to cutting at a speed much higher than the conventional cutting speed. At present, there is no uniform definition of the speed range of high-speed cutting in various countries. Generally, cutting that is 5 to 10 times higher than the conventional cutting speed is called high-speed cutting. One of the main goals of high-speed cutting is to reduce production costs through high productivity. It is mainly used in finishing processes and is often used to process hardened die steels.

Drying machine DM-4B

Another goal is to increase overall competitiveness by reducing production time and delivery time.After the concept of high-speed machining was proposed, it was widely used in industrial production in the near future after long-term exploration, research and development. The high-speed cutting system is mainly composed of high-speed cutting cnc machine tools, high-performance tool clamping systems, high-speed cutting tools, and high-speed cutting cam system software.


The reason why high-speed cutting has been widely used in the industry is because it has significant advantages over traditional processingigh-speed machine tools first require high rigidity of the mechanism, and can absorb high-frequency vibration and high inertia G value to ensure high-speed cutting precision and stability.The CNC system is a unit that issues position commands. It requires that the commands be transmitted accurately and quickly. After processing, position commands are issued for each coordinate axis. The servo system must quickly drive the tool or table to move accurately according to the command.


It requires the ability to process blocks quickly, control machining errors to a minimum, and more. In the field of high-speed machining applications, Siemens 840D and Fanuc18iMB are the most representative.Tools for high-speed cutting, especially high-speed rotary tools, require better quality and performance from the perspective of ensuring machining accuracy and operational safety.Specialized CAD/CAM software requires precise path calculation, in addition to accurately meeting the accuracy requirements of 3DProfile, and at the same time reducing the discharge process, even without polishing to achieve surface quality requirements. It must produce a good cutting path, stabilize the cutting amount, not only improve the processing efficiency, but also extend the tool life and save the tool cost.

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