What is the function of the automatic winding machine tooling clamp


Winding machine tooling and fixture can shorten the tim […]

Winding machine tooling and fixture can shorten the time of cone winding machine mold loading and unloading, and improve labor productivity. There are generally two processes in the use of tooling fixtures. One is the installation and fixation of the fixture itself on the equipment and the adjustment of the spacing. This process is mainly between the fixture itself and the equipment. This process requires calibration and testing of the fixture itself, which is the key to whether the fixture can be used.

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The second is the installation and debugging of the winding frame in the fixture. This process generally uses special positioning blocks or positioning pins. Realization is the standard for honing the design and manufacture of fixtures. The tooling fixture of the winding machine can ensure relatively constant winding accuracy and product quality. During the winding process, the relative position between the skeleton and the winding wheel and the margins are guaranteed, and it is not easy to be affected by other factors.


As a result, the winding accuracy of the product remains unchanged and reliable. The tooling fixture of the winding machine can reduce the technical requirements and labor intensity of the operator. Because the clamping device of the special fixture of the large winding machine only needs to be fixed or moved to achieve the clamping of the skeleton, it is very It greatly reduces the time and difficulty of workers correcting and adjusting the position of the skeleton. The construction of a reasonable fixture does not require alignment and adjustment.


Therefore, the low-pressure foil winding machine of these special fixtures reduces the technical requirements for workers and reduces the number of workers. Labor intensity. Increasing the winding processing difficulty of the winding machine. Many special fixtures for winding machines can not only clamp a certain type, but also clamp different types of skeletons, and are equipped with a device for adjusting the position, which can make the fixture itself The use of different types of winding machines has expanded the winding processing scale of the winding machine.

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