What are the installation environments of the automatic winding machine


When the dyeing machine is installed on the proper foun […]

When the dyeing machine is installed on the proper foundation in the correct way, the winding machine can be prevented from deforming, abrading and vibration when it is working at high speed, so the body rigidity and coil quality of the winding machine can be maintained for a long time. Small and medium-sized winding machines require a relatively strong workbench. It is necessary that the workbench needs to be equipped with appropriate shock absorption devices. If the number and distribution of the winding machine's installation pivots are improper or the fixing method is unreasonable, the whole machine will be affected. Performance and longevity. For companies using winding machines, the site requirements are to build a foundation or workbench suitable for the work and placement of winding equipment to meet the requirements of the winding machine for the environment.

CL-2B Column-shaped Winding Machine

The specific requirements generally have the following points. The workbench and foundation of the winding machine must be compatible with the base of this type of winding machine, and the winding machine installed on it must be firm and reliable, and ensure that there is reliable grounding equipment around, and that there is no large interference source around. The workbench and foundation of the winding machine should have sufficient strength and rigidity to avoid severe vibration when the winding machine is moving at high speed, and to ensure that the vibration of the winding machine will not affect its own accuracy and life, and it will not affect the quality of the coil due to vibration. Neighboring equipment and buildings should not adversely affect the winding machine.


The workbench and foundation of the winding machine should have stability and durability, waterproof, anti-skid, and erosion of harmful objects to ensure that there is no deformation or partial subsidence. When the winding machine is placed in an environment that may be exposed to chemical liquids, oils or corrosion, the foundation should be protected. For example, the surface of the foundation is coated with acid-proof and oil-proof cement mortar sand, and the center of gravity of the drainage and liquid collection groove winding machine and the total center of gravity of the workbench and the foundation and the centripetal of the foundation surface should be located on the same vertical line. The foundation of a large winding machine should be pre-compressed before the machine is installed. The quality of the preload is 1.25 times the sum of the total mass of the winding machine and the maximum mass of the customer's workpiece.


Steel, sand and pebbles can be used for pre-compression. The preload should be evenly pressed on the foundation to ensure that the foundation sinks evenly. The pre-compression work should be carried out until the foundation does not continue to sink. Many customers do not realize how much influence the use environment of the winding machine has on its performance. Emphasize the importance of the installation and use environment of the winding machine, and strictly control the temperature, humidity, dust, vibration and other environments of the CNC winding machine. The layout of the winding machine should facilitate the process flow and standardize the transportation of production materials and semi-finished products. And storage, a good and reasonable equipment working environment is not only beneficial to ensuring the quality of the coil, but also beneficial to the maintenance of the winding machine.

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