Welcome customers at home and abroad to


Welcome customers at home and abroad to Ningbo Dingming […]

Welcome customers at home and abroad to Ningbo Dingming Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional winding machine manufacturers, and with the domestic winding equipment production units to establish extensive contacts and cooperation relationship information. Products are widely applied to various transformer factory winding ( such
as: high frequency transformer, low frequency transformer, inductance coil, etc.). Products include:high, low frequency automatic brushless winding machine, the whole foot machine, taping machine,hand-cranked machine, cutting machine. Tin stoves, ovens, vacuum impregnation machine, and other related equipment for transformer. Varieties complete specifications. Also according to the special requirements of customers design and manufacture a variety of non-standard winding machines and related equipment. The company well-equipped, advanced technology, perfect detection means, quality assurance system, under: financial department, technical department, sales department, production department, supply department, integrated office six departments, companies rely on rich corporate culture and scientific operations, the companies are large-scale, brand, joint production forward. Welcome customers at home and abroad to negotiate business!


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