The sewing thread is the thread required for knitting garment products


The sewing thread is the thread required for knitting g […]

The sewing thread is the thread required for knitting garment products. The sewing thread can be divided into three categories according to raw materials: natural fiber, synthetic fiber sewing thread and mixed sewing thread. With the development of the polyester industry, the sewing thread uses more and more pure polyester fiber as its raw material.

Polyester fiber is a kind of high-quality synthetic fiber, which is used to produce a high stitch strength, which is second only to nylon thread in various stitches, and the wet state does not reduce the strength. Its shrinkage rate is very small, and the shrinkage is less than 1% after proper setting, so the stitched stitches can always be flat and beautiful without shrinkage.
Wear resistance is second only to cotton. Low moisture regain, good high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, light resistance and water resistance. Therefore, the polyester thread is an extremely widely used variety, and in many cases, it replaces the cotton sewing thread. Polyester threads are widely used for sewing garments of cotton fabrics, chemical fiber fabrics and blended fabrics, as well as for sewing knit garments.

The special polyester thread is also an excellent line for the footwear and leather industry.
Polyester is also called high-strength thread, cotton sewing thread is called nylon thread. We usually call it (bead light). Polyester sewing thread is made of polyester long fiber or staple fiber, which has good wear resistance, low shrinkage rate and good chemical stability. However, the melting point is low, the high speed is easy to melt, the needle eye is blocked, and the thread is easy to break. The polyester thread has high strength, good wear resistance, low shrinkage rate, good moisture absorption and heat resistance, corrosion resistance, mildew resistance, no insects, etc. Widely used

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