The principle structure of the CNC winding machine


When winding fine wire dyeing machine coils, the windin […]

When winding fine wire dyeing machine coils, the winding machine generally adopts two types of wiring methods, namely free wiring and forced wiring. The free wire arrangement is arranged by the tension of the wire and the swing of the cam. As long as it is adjusted properly, each turn of the wire can be arranged tightly. However, it is difficult to adjust, mainly due to the large amount of mechanical debugging, poor stability and low pass rate.

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Forced arranging is a technology that uses the winding main shaft and the arranging screw shaft to move synchronously. Every time it is wound, the arranging mechanism is stepped by one wire diameter. Today, with the continuous development of electronic numerical control technology, this is not difficult to implement. As long as the parameters are set in advance, the wire can be wound without excessive debugging. In the actual winding of the product, the two methods are usually combined to complement each other, with compulsory wiring as the main method, and free wiring as the laying.


When winding, the winding motor drives the wire wheel to move synchronously with the winding spindle, but its swing amplitude is smaller than when the forced winding is used alone, and a certain amount of room is required for the free winding to take advantage of its winding characteristics. If unevenness occurs during the wiring, the left and right positions of the end bolts of the guide rod can be fine-tuned to ensure the "mirror" effect.


The low-speed CNC winding machine removes the traditional mechanical cam wiring system, optimizes the control system by simplifying the host structure, and greatly improves its reliability. A large number of applications at the production site have proved that the newly designed automatic winding machine system has multiple functions such as automatic winding and arranging, which greatly improves the degree of automation of the winding machine. The quality of the wound wire products can meet the requirements of precision coils. The process requires stable and reliable performance.

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