The automatic winding machine looks very complicated when it looks


The automatic winding machine looks very complicated wh […]

The automatic winding machine looks very complicated when it looks, but it is not very difficult to actually operate it. It is mainly caused by the unfamiliar structure of the winding machine. The company has no professional technician training. It has caused the average person to have no trouble with the winding machine without the technician.

The basic equipment of the winding machine consists of mechanical components and electrical control systems. However, with the rapid development of technology, modern automatic winding machines integrate many technologies such as electrical control, sensing technology, pneumatic and mechanical transmission, photoelectric detection, etc. It will be more difficult and finer to debug than other electronic processing equipment. Fuying Electronics has used the Rieter winding machine for many years and has familiar experience with the use of winding equipment. Here, we will introduce it to you. I believe that as long as you follow the method, you can easily operate.

The winding position, the enamelled wire specification, and the winding width are the three most important winding parameters using the winding machine, and are commonly used in skeleton coils.

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