NC automatic winding machine consists of two parts


NC automatic winding machine consists of two parts: cou […]

NC automatic winding machine consists of two parts: counting speed and electromechanical control. The counting and speed regulating part is mainly composed of controller, winding motor, speed regulating circuit, reed sensor, counter, coincidence circuit and input setting. The electromechanical control part is composed of electromechanical control, wire arrangement mechanism and skip mechanism.

The counting speed control part mainly uses thyristor speed control to control the motor of the winding machine, and then sends the winding signal of the winding motor to the binary addition counter through the reed sensor. When the number of counter turns is consistent with the input given number of turns, the coincidence circuit sends a signal to the controller to control the electromechanical circuit.

The electromechanical control part is controlled by various relays, micro-switches, etc. through electrical transmission to control the wire arrangement mechanism and the gear jump mechanism, thereby completing the tasks of automatic wire arrangement and automatic gear jump.

In the configuration components of the automatic winding machine, the wire passing mechanism is a component that directly contacts the wire such as enameled wire. The design and selection of the component structure and material will affect the wear of the wire and the smoothness of the wire. Different wire winding processes The material of the configured wire passing mechanism is different.

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