How to optimize the automatic winding machine device


With  the yarn winding machine rapid development of ele […]

With  the yarn winding machine rapid development of electronic technology and information technology, miniature transformers are playing an increasingly important role in the development of computer,communications, aerospace and other fields. The demand for miniature transformer manufacturing has increased, and the manufacturing requirements have become higher. How to mass produce qualified miniature transformers has become an important issue that enterprises urgently need to solve. At present, the miniature transformer mainly adopts standardized and large-scale production mode, which has reached the level of semi-automatic production.Winding is a key process in the production of miniature transformers, which not only affects the appearance of the product, but also affects the product's impedance, leakage inductance, capacitance and other quality parameters.

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The current research on transformer winding technology is mainly for larger transformer products, and there is little research on the winding mechanism of miniature transformers. Therefore, designing a fast and high-quality automatic winding device for miniature transformers is of great significance to the production of miniature transformers.The appearance and size requirements of miniature transformer products are shown in Figure . This product is a miniature transformer used in smart phone chargers. It transfers electrical energy between two circuits through the principle of electromagnetic induction. The basic structure is composed of a magnetic core, windings and a base. The windings are wound with enameled wire. The original winding process of the miniature transformer is to use the hand-held enameled wire to wind in the magnetic coil.


When the number of winding turns reaches the production requirement, the excess coil is cut to complete the winding process once.Manual winding not only reduces the overall production efficiency of the miniature transformer production line, but also its production is often accompanied by quality problems such as incorrect number of coil turns, excessively long trimming residues, and loose winding. Therefore, the automatic winding device of the micro transformer is designed to improve the production efficiency and quality of the micro transformer. The miniature transformer production line mainly includes 7 kinds of automatic processing equipment, which are: automatic winding machine, glue dispenser, upper base device, baking oven, laser peeling device, automatic soldering machine, pressure tester and Comprehensive testing machine.


The hourly production capacity of the automatic processing equipment production line is increased by about 5 times compared with the manual production capacity. There are two power sources for the copper wire to complete the storage and preparation winding stage. One is a pair of cylindrical wire wheel groups located in the wire supply mechanism. The wire wheel group provides the initial power at the beginning of the wire storage, and the subsequent storage process The continuous rotation of the wire wheel set of the wire supply mechanism provides power for the wire storage process; the second is the two pairs of drums of the winding mechanism, which provide part of the power for the friction of the drum when the copper wire reaches the drum. These two power wheels are installed on the same rotating shaft and connected to the output end of the motor through a timing belt, so as to ensure that the speed of the copper wire is consistent and realize winding.

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