How to improve the working efficiency of hollow winding machine


At cone winding machine present, the domestic manufactu […]

At cone winding machine present, the domestic manufacture of air-core coils is mainly by manually winding wire plates onto the wire plates. Not only does it require a large amount of labor, but winding errors can also lead to an increase in the scrap rate. Generally speaking, the production efficiency of hollow coils in my country is very low. Foreign countries are relatively mature in the production of hollow coils. The hollow coil production line mainly relies on the coordination of multiple automation equipment. Among them, the feeding of the manipulator and the precision machine are essential for the precise winding of the coil. Therefore, a reasonable optimization design of the manipulator of the air-core coil winding machine is a key factor for the normal and efficient production of the air-core coil. The production line of hollow coils cannot be separated from the efficient application of manipulators. After the coils are wound, they become semi finished products. At this time, the coils need to undergo certain treatments before they can be processed into finished products.

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However, the temperature of the coil that has just been processed into a semi finished product is very high, and it takes a lot of time to manually remove and install it on the precision machine. The purpose of this research is to design a manipulator system that can move at multiple angles. Simulate the coil production process and determine a set of optimization schemes based on the simulation results so that the manipulator can complete the process from feeding to equipment to the precision machine spindle. A series of sports. The production of the coil mainly relies on the oblique winding method. The advantage of this winding method is that the winding method is simple and does not require extra actions, and the winding coils are tightly arranged. This oblique winding method is very suitable for the mass production of coils.


According to actual needs, if the diameter of the coil is changed during the production of coils of different diameters, only the corresponding coil core sleeve needs to be replaced. Different types of coils correspond to different sizes of core shafts. In the process of processing the coil, the nozzle moves in a straight line along the core shaft, and the motor drives the core shaft to rotate at a constant speed, and the copper wire trajectory is oblique. The manipulator installs the unprocessed coil on the main shaft, and then the winding machine winds the copper wire on the coil through the oblique winding method, and then passes through the precision machine main shaft, then to the precision machine precision coil, and finally completes the production of the coil. This research needs to design the manipulator for loading and unloading, aiming to make the manipulator cooperate with the winding machine and the precision machine to connect normally to complete the automatic production of the coil.


In the early stages of design, it is necessary to determine the space required for loading and unloading and the docking position, that is, the position relationship between the winding machine end coil mandrel sleeve axis and the precision machine main shaft. After confirming the position and docking relationship, the position of the manipulator and the actual situation The design of each action can not only solve the space problem, but also save energy and reduce costs as much as possible. Comparing the output results of the actual model and the ideal model, it is found that the speed variable is the same in the actual situation and the ideal state. But there is a certain difference between force and moment variables. The main reason for the analysis of the difference of the results is that some key components are simplified in the process of model building. Through verification, the influence of the error on the simulation results is within an acceptable range, which shows that the carrying capacity of the manipulator designed in this study fully meets the requirements of the industrial production line. The main reason for the idealization of the model is to analyze whether the position of the robot connector and the quality will be affected by the change of the connector.

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