How to design precision non-standard automation equipment parts


In the dyeing machine increasingly fierce market compet […]

In the dyeing machine increasingly fierce market competition environment, industrial enterprises have carried out institutional technological innovations, replacing traditional equipment with computer-controlled automation equipment, replacing manual operations with mechanical equipment operations, and increasing the demand for non-standard automation equipment. How to do the design work of non-standard automation equipment has become a common concern of relevant units and personnel. Let's talk about it with everyone below.Although non-standard automation equipment does not have a large amount of standard equipment, it has a wide variety of products and serves a wide variety of departments.

CL-2A Cone-type Winding Machine

Today's social science is developing rapidly, and the new technological revolution puts higher demands on mechanical design. Due to the variety of non-standard automation equipment, design work is more difficult. This requires non-standard design engineers to have good professional qualities, broad knowledge, good flexibility and originality, good at inferences, more ideas, unique insights, and the ability to transplant other institutions. And integrate it into your own design intent.Identify development projects and understand customer needs, including product quality requirements, equipment production efficiency requirements, equipment working environment.


Analyze the product, understand the production process of the product, understand the dimensional requirements and incoming materials of all aspects of the product, communicate with the customer the precautions in the production process of the product, and the technical parameters of the place where the equipment is used.Formulating the plan. The equipment plan is discussed and analyzed by the engineering staff. The plan includes: equipment schematic, brief introduction of each part, action description, and equipment technical parameters.Program review.


The audit team is composed of engineering personnel to review the plan. The audit includes: equipment feasibility assessment, equipment cost assessment, equipment production efficiency assessment, and structural feasibility assessment of each part.Program rectification. Rectify the issues discussed in the program review.The customer determines the design plan. The design plan is handed over to the customer, and the customer finalizes the plan according to the needs.Design and development. The engineering department arranges engineers to design the machine, make machine assembly drawings, parts drawings, select the execution components, electronic control accessories, and list the processing parts list and standard parts requisitions and operation instructions.

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