How to classify electronic winding machines


Models thread winding machine that respond to rising la […]

Models thread winding machine that respond to rising labor and high product quality requirements. It can be combined into a high degree of automation equipment through motors, electric components, pneumatic components, transmissions, sensors, control systems, etc. Usually it can automatically arrange the thread, wind the head, break the clamping thread, twist the thread, and load and unload the material automatically. The operator only needs to ensure that the raw materials are sufficient.

DM24k Cone to Hank Winder

When there is no workpiece or copper wire, it can be replaced in time to ensure continuous production. Usually, the number of axes is high to achieve high efficiency production. A machine with a sufficiently high degree of automation can meet the requirement of one employee to look after multiple devices at the same time.Operators do not need to be trained directly to work, high production efficiency, uniform product quality, and can work without interruption for a long time. Previously, the most widely used winding machine in China can only realize automatic winding, and all remaining operations need to be completed by operators.


Usually the number of shafts is small to match the operating time of the operator and facilitate the replacement of different molds to produce different products. The price is cheap, some processes that cannot be completed by machinery can be completed manually, the deviation of the equipment can be adjusted and compensated by the operator, and it is convenient to replace the product. It is a winding machine that is rotated by the main shaft and moved and positioned in space through the three-dimensional, so that the wire is arranged in a spiral on the outer layer of a workpiece.


Usually used to process most transformers, inductors and various coils. It is currently the most widely used winding machine. Through the rotation of the main shaft storing wheel and the action of the auxiliary wheel, the wire is arranged in a spiral ring on a hollow circle, hollow square or other similar workpieces. Usually used for processing toroidal coils. A winding machine that drives a flying fork to wind through a side motor. Usually used for the winding processing of cross instrument coils and rotors. In order to adapt to the special winding mode of the special product, the winding machine is produced. Usually used for winding processing of stators and special products.

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