How does the winding machine affect the quality of the transformer


With cone winding machine the rapid and steady developm […]

With cone winding machine the rapid and steady development of my country's economy, the demand for electricity is also increasing. As the basic equipment for power transmission and transformation in the power industry, transformers are widely used in power plants, converter stations, substations and user terminals. They occupy a very important position in the power industry. Their demand is also increasing day by day, and the market prospect is very broad. This puts forward higher requirements for the production efficiency of transformers in our country. At the same time, with the global energy crisis, it is imperative to produce more energy-efficient and efficient transformers.

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It is in this context that my country's transformer manufacturing standards are repeatedly raised, and the requirements for performance indicators are becoming more and more stringent. There are two development directions for transformers in the future: one is ultra-high voltage, large capacity, and the other is high efficiency, intelligence, small size and low noise. In addition to the influence of structural design, the quality and economic and technical performance of transformers depend to a large extent on the technical level of manufacturing processes and manufacturing equipment.


In order to meet the increasingly stringent requirements for transformer quality and performance indicators, we must improve the technical level of transformer winding machines so that they can produce transformers that can meet the needs of national power development. Transformers are generally composed of iron core, coil, shell and necessary insulating materials. Transformer coils are generally divided into high-voltage coils and low-voltage coils. High-voltage coils are generally wound with round insulated wires, and low-voltage coils are generally wound with flat insulated wires or foils in the stomach. The winding of the transformer coil is the core process of transformer manufacturing, which has a great impact on the performance of the transformer.


It not only directly determines the main economic and technical indicators such as the size, loss and weight of the transformer, but also directly affects the main quality indicators such as the mechanical properties, insulation properties and heat resistance of the transformer. The traditional winding of transformer coil relies on manpower to wind the insulated wire on the workpiece according to the production process requirements, and the resistance number is counted by the operator. The traditional winding method not only has low winding efficiency, but also the quality of the finished coil. At present, automatic winding machines are commonly used for winding transformer coils, which can significantly improve production efficiency and wiring accuracy. Among the automatic winding machines, there are vertical winding machines for winding large transformers, and horizontal winding machines and foil winding machines for winding lower voltage and smaller capacity transformers.

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