Excipient sewing thread Mainly refers to sewing thread


Excipient sewing thread Mainly refers to sewing thread […]

Excipient sewing thread Mainly refers to sewing thread and other wire materials and various wire rope materials. The sewing thread plays the role of sewing the pieces and connecting the parts in the garment, and can also play a certain decorative beautification effect. Whether it is the open line or the dark line, it is an integral part of the overall style of the clothing. The most commonly used sewing threads are 60s/3 and 40s/2 polyester threads. The most commonly used embroidery threads are rayon and silk.

Process decorative lines are also an important part of wire materials. The process decoration line can be roughly divided into three types according to the process: an embroidery thread, a braided thread and an inlaid thread. Commonly used in clothing, bedding, furniture fabrics, indoor products, restaurant supplies, etc.
There is also a process decoration line, which is a line made for a special need, called a special line. It has unique performance, a relatively small range of use, and relatively high production costs, usually named after use.

The spatial trajectory of the sewing thread fibers in the strands is more complicated than in single yarns. Since the sewing thread needs to be twisted, the inclination of the fiber to the axis of the sewing thread strand varies with the position of the single yarn in the sewing thread strand, so the arrangement structure of the fiber in the strand is generally studied in units of single yarn. . The arrangement of individual single yarns in different plyings.

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